NSFAS Reveals When April NSFAS Allowance Payments Will Be Made



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has now released a statement revealing details about April NSFAS allowance payments. They also addressed non-payment of NSFAS allowances.



Disbursements from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) for NSFAS allowances have commenced. This comes after NSFAS received registration data from universities and TVET Colleges.

In a statement released, NSFAS stated:

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) paid the disbursements for University and TVET college students in respect of students for the 2024 academic cycle, against valid registration records received on the 15th March 2024 for TVET colleges and the 19th March 2024 for universities. 

University NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS revealed that more than R2.3 billion was paid to universities for NSFAS allowances. The NSFAS allowance payments are as follows:

  • Tuition to universities – R1 258 865 972
  • Allowances via universities  – R653 954 716  
  • Direct payment to students – R393 762 534 

In order for NSFAS to make allowance payments to universities, these universities need to submit registration data of students who qualify for NSFAS, to NSFAS. 

This submission is crucial for us to process payments for tuition and allowances. Institutions and the students are reminded that all subsequent disbursements will be based solely on the registration data received and processed successfully.  

All universities, excluding the University of Fort Hare and the University of Stellenbosch, have submitted registration data. 

NSFAS revealed that a major error occurred with the uploading of University of Johannesburg (UJ) registration data, resulting in erroneous allowance payments being made to students.

A shortage of allowances was paid to students. An amount of R16 500 had to be paid for the 2024 academic year. However, UJ accidentally uploaded the R3300 meal allowance.

The payment of allowances is not a manual process; rather, it is system-based. The NSFAS system processed the R3300 claimed assuming it was for annual allowances, and consequently divided it by 10, representing the 10 months from February to November 2024. 

This resulted in students being dissatisfied which lead them to protest. NSFAS has said that to correct this, UJ will have to put in efforts as "Staff will need to investigate the issue, communicate with affected students, and process corrections in the system".

NSFAS will also then have to ensure that the adjustment platform is ready to receive the correct NSFAS allowance payments.

There is a reputational risk associated with this incident. The NSFAS disbursement process might come under scrutiny and be blamed for UJ's error. Negative publicity can impact NSFAS's image and erode public trust in its operations.

TVET College NSFAS Allowances

NSFAS also revealed that more than R511 million was paid to TVET Colleges for NSFAS allowances. The NSFAS allowance payments are as follows:

  • Tuition to TVET Colleges – R147 115 846
  • Allowances via TVET colleges – R34 831 311
  • NSFAS Card Allowances - R29 971 220
  • Student Accommodation via solution providers – R30 187 743

All TVET Colleges, excluding Lovedale TVET College, have submitted registration data. NSFAS is working with the college to ensure that they finalise the process of loading the registration data. 

Accommodation Allowances

As for accommodation allowances for both TVET and University students, NSFAS has said that accommodation providers onboard all students in their accommodation establishments on the myNSFAS accommodation portal. 

This will ensure that the registration data submitted by institutions contains this critical information which will ultimately lead to the payments of Accommodation Providers which accommodates NSFAS students. 

More than R702 million was paid to accommodation providers for NSFAS allowances. The NSFAS allowance payments are as follows:

  • Institutional residences - R255 765 764
  • Private accommodation – R436 732 491

NSFAS allowances for TVET College students are paid on the 25th of every month whereas NSFAS allowance payments for university students are made on the 30th of every month.

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