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Are you yearning to pursue higher education in 2024 but feeling lost in the application process? The Central Application Clearing House (CACH) connects students to education and training opportunities at higher education institutions in 2024. 



The Central Application Clearing House (CACH) system is open for 2024. This cutting-edge platform aims to support learners who have not yet secured a spot in colleges or universities for the upcoming academic year. Most importantly - it is a free service.

By aligning your National Senior Certificate (NSC) matric exam results with your study preferences, CACH identifies available spaces within the Post-School Education and Training (PSET) system. While the school system is run by the Basic Education Department, the Higher Education and Training Department is responsible for education after school, so they run the CACH 2024 service as part of their career advice responsibility.

How CACH Works

The CACH system ensures that your application data reaches all potential institutions within the PSET system to help you with late applications. However, it's vital to understand that placement is dependent space availability and specific institutional requirements. They include both opportunities at a TVET College or university that might be available.

You can use the service of CACH online by registering an account on the official Cach website. They compare your personal details and interests with courses that are available - even if the are past the official closing date.

Registration Dates For CACH 2024

  • When: From 8 am on January 26, 2024, to March 31, 2024.
  • Who: Learners who completed Grade 12 from the year 2000 onwards.

Signing Up Requirements

  • ID Number, Passport Number, or Examination Number
  • Name, Surname, and Date of Birth (as on NSC statement of results or NSC/SC certificate)
  • Working Cell Phone Number
  • Valid Email Address

Navigating CACH 2024

  1. Data Utilisation: CACH harnesses your exam results and study preferences to find compatible matches.
  2. Status Check: Regularly log into the web portal to monitor your CACH status using your provided credentials.
  3. Collaboration with Institutions: Public Universities, TVET colleges, and SETAs collaborate with CACH to fill available spaces.

Career Guidance and Support

If uncertainty clouds your academic path, the Career Development Service is just a phone call away. Call 086 999 0123 for personalised guidance.


  • Notification: Institutions are responsible for selection and admission decisions, and offer messages will be communicated via SMS.
  • Response Time: Applicants must respond to offers before the specified expiry date and time.
  • Acceptance or Decline: Applicants can accept, ignore, or decline offers. Ignoring or declining three offers will result in removal from the Central Applications Clearing House database.
  • Withdrawal of Offers: Institutions maintain the right to withdraw offers if conditions are unmet or false information is detected.

Once CACH has identified a space available in a course that you are interested in, you can then directly contact the relevant TVET College, University or University of Technology.

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Tertiary students who have applied through the CACH service

If you have submitted an application for a referral to a tertiary institution through CACH, you have a limited amount of time to accept your offer. The Department of Higher Education Department gives applicants a limited amount of time to respond in order to free up space in the system. 




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