Learnerships in South Africa are a way to get a formal qualification while working and earning a monthly stipend.
Employers are incentivised with tax benefits from SARS for using learnerships to train their staff. Learnerships can also be used to train currently unemployed people who could possibly be employed by the company if they successfully complete the course. Because of this, learnerships are particularly important to the continued development of South Africa's .

Take a look at the Careers Portal for specific listings of learnerships with some of South Africa's largest companies.

Many Human Resource professionals have not been made aware of the full benefits
and rewards for sending staff on RPL learnerships. CBM shares the secret to
conducting effective RPL learnerships and highlights the value this initiative brings to
the organisation.

Learnerships are critical to creating a pool of young talent and an increasing number
of small to medium organisations, are opting to use consultancies to run their
learnership programmes.

Learnerships are beneficial to both the learner and the business. Janessa Leita talks about the advantages of hosting learnerships and urges South African organisations to invest in the local labour force through workplace training.

There is an increasingly large number of people both employed and unemployed who are frantically searching for IT learnership. Employers have the opportunity of benefiting from creating learnerships in the IT sector.

A learnership is a means of obtaining a qualification while working. It is made up of unit standards that encompass the qualifications and are relevant to the skills required to be competent in the workplace. The College of Production Technology outlines its learnership programmes.

Nine disabled learners were afforded a 'once in a life time' learning opportunity initiated by Adcock Ingram and facilitated by educational training institution, Kukhula.

We at Siyathembana, after offering learner ships/qualifications for companies to employed 18.1 and unemployed 18.2 learners for the past four years have had great success in the way forward by really harnessing the concept, "Learn while you Earn'.

South Africa?s fastest growing regional airline, SA Express, has partnered with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants, the world?s largest and fastest growing accounting body to develop finance and accounting skills within the airline.

A report on the Skills Portal gave figures for the number of learners on qualifying learning programmes. My question is, what is a qualifying learning programme?

Learnerships require a lot of work, from the learners and from the employers, and the temptation is always there to throw in the towel. Selby Mthunywa experienced difficulties with his studies but he just worked harder and is now succeeding.

Services Seta CEO Ivor Blumenthal supports the retention of the tax deduction for employers running learnerships, but calls for the deduction to be extended over a number of years to encourage permanent employment.

In an effort to increase the number of people with disabilities enrolled on learnerships, Finance Minister Trevor Manuel announced more generous tax incentives in his 2006 budget. While they have been praised by Setas, there are other problems that still have to be overcome in placing people with disabilities on learnerships.

Learnerships have been promoted as the primary tool to address the country’s skills shortage and to assist young people acquire skills that will secure them employment. But with the Minister of Labour highlighting incidences of abuse of learners, how do we maintain trust in this new form of training and ensure high standards of learning?

Absa is supporting the third Bankseta Letsema Learnership Project that promises to empower more previously disadvantaged young people. National GM Arrie Rautenbach describes the project as vital in the national effort to meet the sector's skills needs.

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has announced a number of changes to the learnership allowance to further encourage the use of learnerships to promote training and job creation, and to assist employers of learners with disabilities.

Finance Minister Trevor Manuel has announced that the learnership tax allowance will be extended for a further five years, and will be increased in value. There will also be additional incentives.

Ensuring that their learnership projects achieve the highest educational level is not a burden for In-tuition, it is non-negotiable for this dynamic Cape-based training provider.

The Foodbev Seta has held graduation ceremonies in Johannesburg and Cape Town for more than 550 learners who have successfully completed learnership projects in their sector.

Employers looking for suitably qualified young people for training and employment opportunities can now access the Umsobomvu's database of nearly 40 000 proactive youth.

The Community Development Workers learnership is helping one learner in the Boland fulfill a childhood dream and equiping him with the skills to assist his community.

Lead employer The X-Pert Group accussed the Services Seta of putting their own interests ahead of those of the disabled learners on a project management learnership. According to CEO Ivor Blumenthal, the Services Seta tried many times to accomodate the learners but could not accede to the X-Pert Group's request for a double learnership allowance.

55 learners with disabilities have had their learnership agreements terminated by the Services Seta, one month before the learner assessment was scheduled to begin.

It was the "end of a dream? for 543 domestic workers as they stepped on stage to receive their Learnership certificates from Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony for 789 learners from their Letsema project, Bankseta CEO Frank Groenewald told the gathering that the project will be repeated with even higher targets for the new intake.

For Lawrence Mlotshwa, a senior Absa executive, Learnerships are a key tool in the bank's armoury as it struggles to develop the country's human resources.


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