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The key to a company's success is make sure their call center supervisors are trained in their products, services and values. Call center supervisors work as coaches, working with each employee in the center to help them understand what the company does. By investing in call center training, companies and ensure they end up with satisfied and happy staff, who understood the company’s expectations and were eager to meet their goals.
With the right call center training, individuals become more and more motivated to perform as expected as they have an increase in the knowledge, skills and experience on the best way to get the job done at or above call center management expectations. Proper call centre training empowers agents to be the best they can be at their jobs, which helps them hit performance targets and produce a better call center overall.

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Articles on Call Centre Training

Are you among the 27% of unemployed South Africans? Stuck in a position with no opportunity to grow? Perhaps you should consider a career in the booming call centre industry.

In 2007 South Africa was identified as one of the world’s upcoming Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destinations of choice. Now, 12 years’ on, does this still ring true?


Customer-focused organisations are generally more successful when their employees are trained to use soft skills to complement the technical requirements, or hard skills, of a job. 

Brenda Tsolo has a dream. With more than 15 years of experience in contact centres, she knows the sector is ideally positioned to create job opportunities for unemployed, young South Africans. 

Call centres are much like governments or sports referees. When they are good, nobody comments, but when they are bad, they dominate conversations.

With long hours spent meeting the needs of a large number of customers, contact centre managers are required to consistently lead a successful team of agents.

There is a growing repository of literature focussed on the challenges that businesses face when dealing with the millennial generation - whether as consumers or employees.

Millennials and the technology-infused world, in which they live and work, are without a doubt creating a stir within the traditional customer engagement model. New, future-thinking models of engagement are needed if brands are hoping to claim their slice of the Millennial Pie.

As businesses, both large and small, become more digital and move into the world of online, the modern call centre is often the initial, and in some cases the single point of customer contact

According to Kyle Goaté, Operations Manager at Isilumko Staffing (IS), a national recruitment company which offers temporary, flexible and permanent staff, contact centres form part of a burgeoning industry both locally and globally. Cape Town in particular has seen enormous growth.

Amidst the widespread disruption of tertiary education institutions across the country, contact centres in this sector are being relied on to provide accurate information and valuable support to students, particularly in the lead up to exams.

Technology, when implemented effectively in a contact centre, is a powerful tool.

The local call centre industry continues to grow and is now a significant platform for corporate sales, service and support, with an increasing number of multinationals relying on South Africa as their destination for call centre operations.

As we start the second month of the new year there are thousands of aspirant job seekers who will be looking for work.

Bruce Von Maltitz gives some tips to help supervisors manage peak periods in academic call centres.

Workforce solutions provider Manpower South Africa recognises the importance of the South African call centre industry in finding a solution to this problem.

Widespread unemployment among South African youth paints a bleak picture but there
are pockets of opportunity that give young people - who don’t have tertiary
education or extensive work experience- the chance to succeed.

There are few business operations that are more challenging from a human resources
perspective than running a call centre. Here, at the front lines of customer service,
businesses face a tension between the need to keep operational costs down and the
requirement to deliver the best customer experience.

South Africa has distinguished itself as a destination of choice for the global
call centre industry. For this reason call centres have been identified as a
useful avenue for developing skills and create employment opportunities.