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The key to a company's success is make sure their call center supervisors are trained in their products, services and values. Call center supervisors work as coaches, working with each employee in the center to help them understand what the company does. By investing in call center training, companies and ensure they end up with satisfied and happy staff, who understood the company’s expectations and were eager to meet their goals.

With the right call center training, individuals become more and more motivated to perform as expected as they have an increase in the knowledge, skills and experience on the best way to get the job done at or above call center management expectations. Proper call centre training empowers agents to be the best they can be at their jobs, which helps them hit performance targets and produce a better call center overall.

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Articles on Call Centre Training

South Africa has distinguished itself as a destination of choice for the global
call centre industry. For this reason call centres have been identified as a
useful avenue for developing skills and create employment opportunities.

Do you know the difference between inbound and outbound call centres? Call centres are dynamic workplaces that require flexible and skilled employees. We investigate the definition of a standard call centre and the people who work in them.

The UCT Graduate School of Business is launching a landmark programme to address a key skills shortage in middle to senior management in the South African Business Process Outsourcing and Contact Centre industry. The skills shortage has been identified in recent research studies on the local industry.

As we start the second month of the new year there are thousands of aspirant job seekers who will be looking for work.

Bruce Von Maltitz gives some tips to help supervisors manage peak periods in academic call centres.

Call centres are much like governments or sports referees. When they are good, nobody comments, but when they are bad, they dominate conversations.

Workforce solutions provider Manpower South Africa recognises the importance of the South African call centre industry in finding a solution to this problem.

Widespread unemployment among South African youth paints a bleak picture but there
are pockets of opportunity that give young people - who don’t have tertiary
education or extensive work experience- the chance to succeed.

There are few business operations that are more challenging from a human resources
perspective than running a call centre. Here, at the front lines of customer service,
businesses face a tension between the need to keep operational costs down and the
requirement to deliver the best customer experience.

A contact centre survey which will provide much needed information on the issues
around talent, talent management as well as remuneration in the business process
services and outsource (BPSandO) sector, has been launched by Hay Group South

Companies responsible for the use of personal information will be obliged to secure the
personal information of their customers and prospects in terms of the new Protection
of Personal Information Bill which is is expected to be passed before the end of the

There is no company "too small' to adopt a hosted model. No one should have to
lose customers because their technology lets them down - quality technology is as
crucial to a small company as it is to a large enterprise.

What is a contact centre and how can a contact centre benefit your career? If you
are a graduate and looking for work experience, then a call centre may just be the
answer for you. In fact you will acquire a broad range of transferable skills, which will
put you in good stead for your future in the business world.

Outsourcing call centres are the biggest trend since the rush to implement ERP systems of the late 1990s. The objective is to use technology to empower the CSA?s to fix customer problems in their first contact. The IT and Telephonic applications have certainly made the Call Centre Manager?s life a lot easier.

What is the future of the call centre industry? The growing demands of employers and consumers are severely impacting the role of call centre agents in the workplace. Read about these and other factors that are shaping the sector.

Call centres can be described as the cornerstones of the ICT sector and a great starting place for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in IT. Dr Madelise Grobler talks about the need to prepare and equip non-graduates for this dynamic industry.

Rising pressures within inbound call centres to answer more calls in less time can sometimes outweigh the need to effectively assist customers. Follow these tips if you prize quality over quantity.

Give your call centre agents the technology they need to provide the excellent service your customers want and establish your business as a leader in the competitive contact centre industry.

The call centre industry will always have a high turnover rate due to the nature of the sector, and maintaining a skilled workforce can be a challenging task for even the most experienced HR specialists, but is outsourcing the better option?

Call centre employees are moving away from the more traditional role of contact agents to performing a relationship building function as a company consultant and are required to handle clients and sensitive information, a shift that is spurring recruiters to attract the right people.

It has been established that call recording and voice logging technology is a business necessity in the fast-changing landscape that is placing increasing emphasis on corporate governance and legal compliance.Majuda Software Southern Africa offers an all-in-one enterprise call recording solution which has simplified call recording.

Contact centres are an important part of many large organizations and the management of them has an important impact on how an organization is perceived by its customers and potential customers. Nomzamo Ramutla, who specializes in workforce management shares her experiences in this dynamic industry.

Human Resource departments are challenged to comply with new business legislation while still maintaining excellent levels of employee productivity and customer service, Majuda Software SA offers turnkey voice logging solutions that address legal compliance issues and also enable effective call centre agent evaluation and employee quality monitoring.

Local business consultants Barnstone have been making inroads into the business process outsourcing (BPO) space by providing work ready candidates for this market. Now they are up-skilling local Afrikaans speaking graduates to open opportunities for them as dutch speaking financial service advisors.

An international company, Teleperformance, is to set up two contact centres in Cape Town, which are expected to create 2000 jobs by 2012. The company expects the site to grow throughout 2010 to a potential of more than 1 000 seats.


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