Management Training courses are for anyone who interacts with internal or external customers, project team leaders, employees who serve on teams, or managers who want to enhance their leadership skills development in order to achieve outstanding results.

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Articles on Leadership and Management Training

To be a great manager, you must have an extensive set of skills. For your long-term success, it's wise to analyze your management skills in all areas – and then to challenge yourself to improve in all of these areas.

How to craft best practices in leadership and people development to suit any organisational model and drive sustainable growth.

Culture is a core element of any organisation and should not be left unattended to morph and take its own shape.

As the global economic outlook gets bleaker by the day, with the South African market following suit while battling its own additional and unique challenges,

Following the festive season break, getting back into the swing of work and finding the energy and motivation to do so can be a challenging task for many employees.

There are few things as hard in management and leadership as that of taking over an existing team, especially if you are a new manager.

Want to know how to be a leader who promotes diversity and keeps employees motivated in the workplace? Lizanne de Jong looks at the challenges of being a leader in the 21st century.

Are you ready to move into a managerial role? If you are looking for a new challenge or a promotion at work it might be a good idea to start preparing yourself for a senior position.

Various business schools, universities, and other educational institutions offer a wide variety of management courses; but are these training programmes adequately preparing managers for the professional market?

If you are in a management role you will be all too familiar with the stresses associated with senior positions.

Generation Y – also known as millennials – are fast infiltrating management positions.

Shocking statistics reveal that women are still getting the “short end of the stick” in the workplace.

Bullying. It’s restricted to schoolyards, isn’t it? Oh no, it’s not! It happens in many spheres, including business and management, even the boardroom.

Most organisations will undergo periods of change and uncertainty at some point. Mergers, acquisitions, new management and leadership are some of the dynamics that can lead to change.

Lawyers and legal advisors working in Africa should be good managers and great leaders, with a comprehensive understanding of the business world’s complexities and shifting paradigms of emerging market economies.