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For both small and large projects, a course in Project Management Training can provide all the necessary guidelines for seasoned and blossoming professionals to effectively master the five steps below. Project management training instils a sense of responsibility because it brings to the surface the entire scope of the profession and the competences and knowledge that are expected.

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project management

Many businesses achieve their goals by completing projects that contribute to their objectives. Often, projects have a finite length, involve a number of activities and people, and have deadlines and fixed budgets. Project managers plan and monitor these, and take corrective action when appropriate.

Project management is about developing and implementing a product, service, event or facility within a predetermined time frame, budget and quality parameters.

Short courses in project management are available from a range of training providers, both public and private.

Project Management is one of the vital skills needed to succeed in today’s modern corporate environment.

Project management is the process of organizing the components of a project,
whether the project is development of a new process, the launch of a new
product, a marketing campaign, or a baby shower.

According to Paul J Meyer, founder of the Success Motivation Institute; “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” Without productivity, there can be no success.

Seugnet van den Berg, from consulting firm Bizmod says that a new era of consulting is upon us.

When the project moves from being developed and tested to being used to do
everyday functions, many teams and project managers can lose focus. Seugnet van
den Berg gives advice on how to keep your cool during the 'go live' phase.

The dynamics of a team are difficult to predict and are shaped by team members’
similarities and differences. Understanding and working with group dynamics is key to
ensuring positive project results.

When it comes to project management, a major challenge to IT executives
their teams lies in having to maintain focus on the end deliverable and not be
sidetracked by small issues as they arise.

Project managers can obtain an internationally recognised certificate and
receive practical real-world based training through the new TPG Africa training

One of the major hurdles companies face in being able to extract the
maximum value from their project management infrastructure and strategies
is perception - or, in fact, misperception of project management in practice. It
is time to debunk inaccurate theories and expose myths.

When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it
is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser
to ensure successful project rollout.

Project governance, in the context of effective project management in
business, is not a "whipping stick?, but rather an operating framework that is
proven and repeatable.

Projects tend to come and go, whereas the very best project managers can
leave a lasting legacy - if they follow a proven recipe, a guideline of what
constitutes quality from those in the know.