Government Launches Training Course For People With Disabilities

The National School of Government has rolled out the start of a five day Basic Project Management course for public sector employees living with disabilities. The course is part of Disability Rights Awareness Month (DRAM).

The online course will be available on the NSG eLearning portal and will run from 23 - 27 November 2020.

The NSG eLearning platform has a range of tools that make it more accessible to people with disabilities. 

The platform accommodates people with low vision, blindness, deafness and photosensitivity.

DRAM is used as a month to remind the public of the things that people living with disabilities face. This includes discrimination and exclusion, which affects their ability to take up opportunities or get access to the same services given to everyone else in the population. 

This year's theme is 'Together Building Communities Inclusive of Disability Rights'. There are also sub-themes that will be used to encourage sectors to create environments that are inclusive of people with disabilities. 

The National School of Government will be following the sub-theme all about 'Accelerating inclusive learning environments for persons with disabilities at all levels'.

The National School aims to provide accessible education and training to all public service employees. 

“The public service, in addition to ensuring that people with disabilities have access to services, is also responsible for the empowerment of public service employees to ensure they progress in their professional and personal lives,” said Prof Busani Ngcaweni, Principal of the National School of Government.

Enquiries about the course can be directed to: Ms Angela Montana on 012 441 6802/ [email protected]. –

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