Secretarial Admin Training

Secretarial admin training courses gives secretarial staff members the skills to effectively provide clerical and administrative support to management staff of an organisation. This means that admin training is vital to the running of a company.
If you are a worker wanting to gain a qualification, or an employer wanting to upskill your employees to benefit the company, consider an admin training course. This will give you all the skills you need to thrive in the field of secretarial admin.

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Articles on Secretarial and Administration

Workplace happiness is about passion. It's about loving what you do. It's about focusing on what you do well, and fine-tuning areas where you are less confident. This year PACSA aims to reward you with top-up knowledge that will truly elevate your position, delivered at a luxury venue to soothe you after what is likely to have been a stressful year.

The search for South Africa’s supreme office professional is now underway. The event will be hosted by Rexel Office Products South Africa and the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa.

Administrative assistants are in place to support a company, team or manager. Although they act as the lifeblood for most businesses, there is a common misconception that it’s an easy job.

Being a personal assistant can be incredibly draining as you try to meet the
needs of your employer while managing the demands of your own life. Find
out how to do both effectively by joining the annual conference for

In business it is often assumed that minute taking can be learned on the job
or that it is an inbred ability, but both these assumptions are wrong says
minute taking trainer, Carolyn Kessler.

In order to have a great career in the field of administration you need to be a
people's person with good communications skills and also enjoy working in
front of a computer.

Managing the diary and schedule of a boss can be daunting. It's not always easy
knowing how to prioritize tasks and meetings for someone else. Adam Fidler shares six
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What competencies do you look for in a good receptionist? While computer literacy
and general admin skills are important, receptionists are also at the front line of the
business which
means their customer service skills need to be impeccable.

Secretaries are often the most visual representative of any organisation with them representing the company wherever they go and need to project the kind of message organisations want their clients to see. Secretaries today also need to be much more capable than in years past.

What kind of message are you sending out to existing and potential clients? As a receptionist you need to be aware of the image you portray at all times, follow these tips provided by Staff Training to making the right impression every time.

Telephone calls are often the first point of contact for potential clients, and the image you present over the phone will either attract customers or repel them. Here are some tips to ensure that your frontline employees are excellent representatives.

Office professionals are expected to play a much more strategic function in organisations today and as a result training and skills development is vital in helping administrators cope in their new roles. The Office Professional?s Conference 2012 empowers assistants with the soft skills they need to succeed.

If you think being a personal assistant means taking calls and messages think again. The 21st century secretary is expected to manage budgets, provide superb frontline customer service while organising schedules and networking with clientele. But are they trained to deliver?

Liza van Wyk You desperately want a job at that top-company and although you have a sound degree behind you, they simply aren't interested? Lisa van Wyk has a solution - Do what lots of succesful businesswoman have done and become a personal assistant. Its a great way to get an accelerated look at every aspect of the business from behind the shield of your boss.

Increased work and pay satisfaction, greater organisational commitment, higher productivity levels and decreased absenteeism are all benefits of workplace financial training, which despite this evidence, is not viewed by employers as an essential workplace skill.