Transformational Leadership Training - including Change Management Training - Port Elizabeth

<p><left><font color ="#0033CC" font size="3"><b><u><center>Transformational Leadership Training - including Change Management Training  </center></u></b></font></left></p>
<p><left><font color ="#0033CC" font size="3"><b>This Transformational Leadership Training and Change Management Training - which we run publicly and in-house throughout South Africa - is designed for managers and management teams, to lay the foundation for building a high performance organisation and high performance teams.</b></font></p>

<p><b><font color ="#00000" font size="2">Suitable for:</b>&nbsp;&nbsp; Managers and Management Teams</p>

<p><b>Course duration:</b>&nbsp;&nbsp;2 days</p>

<p><b>Course content and outcomes:</b></p>
Through this highly interactive Transformational Leadership and Change Management Training programme, delegates will acquire greater awareness and understanding of the following key issues:
<li>Organisational Performance Analysis: Where does our performance go?</li>
<li>Building a high performance organisation – a holistic approach</li>
<li>Analysing the culture and performance morale in our organization</li>
<li>The reasons why attempts at building high performance team often fail</li>
<li>The 12 key processes involved in Building a High Performance Organisation</li>
<li>Our key stakeholders – who are they, and how do we value them?</li>
<li>Laying the foundations for teams:  Change Management</li>
<li>The employee value proposition</li>
<li>Measuring the asset value of human capital</li>
<li>What are the keys that unlock performance?</li>
<li>Managing employee morale and internal customer service levels</li>
<li>Strategic Leadership, Balanced Scorecards and Value-based Management</li>
<li>The team performance curve</li>
<li>The characteristics of high performance teams</li>
<li>Building High Performance Teams – an 18-month roll-out strategy</li>
<li>Ownership, responsibility and accountability within teams</li>
<li>Understanding group and team dynamics</li>
<li>The leadership team - adapting leadership styles through Facilitative Leadership</li>
<li>Closing discussions, and action plans on the way forward</li><br>

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Contact Details

Contact Person: 

Ron / Michele
Course Details

Unit Standard: 

Unit Standard 252043: Manage a diverse work force to add value

NQF Level: 

Level 5



Course Delivery Method: 

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

Course Duration: 

2 days


In-house and public course fees on request