Assertiveness & Conflict Management (3-days) customised


First Line Supervisors attending this course will demonstrate an understanding of and ability to:

  • Take personal accountability for own role
  • Act decisively and with integrity in conflict situations
  • Act assertively and confidently in all situations
  • Conduct a behaviour self-assessment

Learning Unit 1: Accountability

  • Supervisor role bigger picture
  • Company risks related to manpower
  • Supervisor authority & rights & values
  • Factors affecting accountability acceptance
  • Supervisor work knowledge (Procedures & working conditions)
  • Supervisor self-esteem
  • Supervisor emotions
  • Empowering self

Learning Unit 2: Conflict Management

  • Win:win supervision
  • Sources of conflict
  • Team roles & stages of development
  • Team code of conduct
  • Ground rules for managing conflict
  • Assessing own motives
  • Personal code of conduct
  • Conflict and listening
  • Conflict management techniques – when to respond and how to respond

Learning Unit 3: Assertiveness

  • Win:win communication explained
  • Situations requiring assertiveness- giving instructions, counselling, giving feedback, appraising other, conducting meetings.
  • Communication styles & their consequences
  • Passive communication style
  • Passive aggressive communication style
  • Aggressive communication style
  • Assertive communication style
  • Acknowledging & validating feelings
  • Active listening
  • Free information
  • Keeping on track
  • Asking questions
  • Self-expression
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Tamsin Puren
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