Assertiveness Training

Aim: This workshop is geared towards all those individuals who wish to develop their assertiveness, enabling them to get results quicker and more effectively and communicate in an assertive manner with clients and fellow workers. Content: ¨ What is Assertiveness? What is it not? ¨ Getting to know and understand people! ¨ Personality types ¨ Understanding yourself ¨ Understanding negative behaviour ¨ Handling conflict and aggression ¨ What do all assertive people have in common? ¨ Recognising when you feel intimidated or marginalised ¨ Triggering and developing your own “assertive mode” ¨ Giving criticism ¨ Accepting criticism ¨ Being Assertive at Work ¨ Assertiveness Techniques ¨ Speech/communication ¨ Language ¨ Working towards continued confidence and good self-esteem. Outcome: At the end of this workshop delegates will have the ability to analyse their behaviour against the criteria for “assertive behaviour” and pinpoint the errors they are making. They will have the necessary skills and knowledge on how to implement assertive behaviour and set clear parameters for themselves and others. Aligned to SAQA US ID 120300 Level 5 Credits 8 US Title Analyse leadership and related theories

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From R2070 per delegate (including VAT)