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Chamber of Mines Geotechnical Engineering Practitioner Theory [Paper 1 Preparation]

The Chamber of Mines Geotechnical Engineering Practitioner Theory (Paper 1 Preparation) short course provides you with a general theoretical background of basic rock mechanics as applicable to all types of mining in preparation of the Chamber of Mines competence examination. Focusing on surface and underground mining, the course covers the syllabus of Paper 1 in order to gain a better understanding of the themes of stress and strain, constitutive behaviour, rock properties, stress in rock and rockmasses, as well as rockmass properties.

Management of Continuously Welded Rails

The Management of Continuously Welded Rails short course will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the basic principles and management of continuously welded rails, with a strong focus on balancing theory and practical application. Throughout this course, you will be exposed to topics on rail forces and track loading, rail manufacturing, rail welding and failures, vertical and horizontal stability, rail breaks, kick-outs and destressing, among others.

Railway Safety Investigation Course

The Railway Safety Investigation short course will provide you with the required skills in initiating, conducting and reporting on an investigation into railway occurrences. With a view to identify safety deficiencies and propose remedial action to prevent future occurrences, you will be exposed to a systematic approach in the investigation of train safety incidents, as well as the vehicle, infrastructure and operational aspects needed for the safe and orderly operation of any railway system.

Course in Strata Control: Theory

This Programme in Strata Control programme offers you contact sessions with a specialist in the field, allowing focused time on the module content without work related obligations. Practical knowledge and experience are shared during these sessions, allowing peer-to-peer learning. Problem areas and typical complex topics will be discussed as knowledge transfer is promoted.

Introduction to Multidisciplinary Concepts in Railway Engineering

The short course in the Introduction to Multidisciplinary Concepts in Railway Engineering is ideal for a professional from any engineering discipline who already has reasonable (or intention to gain) experience in the railway operations environment. During this course, you will not only be introduced to the multidisciplinary aspects and concepts of railway engineering, but you will also be equipped with unparalleled knowledge of the basic principles of and general background to the field with a specific focus on how railway transport systems operate.

Railway Safety Audits, Investigation and Reporting

The Railway Safety Audits, Investigation and Reporting short course covers all aspects of safety in railway operations, but specifically focuses on developing your professional reporting skills when executing audits and investigations in railway safety. During the course, you will be introduced to Safety Management Systems (SMSs), their purpose and elements, as well as the legislative framework and key principles of SMS audits and inspections. Basic and more advanced aspects of an incident investigation will also be covered.

Transnet Freight Rail Operations

The short course in Transnet Freight Rail Operations highlights railway operational aspects and concentrates on documentation (regional and local), communication methods, emergency management, blocking of tracks, re-railing aspects, investigations and deviation from regular operations.

This course is presented as part of the Railway Engineering Education Programme and as part of the Railway Occurrence Investigation Programme (ROIP) of the University of Pretoria.



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