6 Ways school systems need to change


Schools are failing to adequately prepare students for the new era of work and here's why.

Our current school system was designed and established during the industrial age with the aim of producing diligent factory workers. At the time this type of learning was necessary and beneficial to society. Today however people need a different kind of education.

In the video '6 problems with our school system' we look at why the current education system no longer serves the needs of the people.

1. Outdated Values

During the industrial age students were taught to follow instructions and then rated on their ability to listen and obey. "At school you're rewarded for doing exactly what you are told."

"These were industrial age values that were really important for factory workers," because factories required people who could follow instructions without question.

Today success is linked to innovation rather than compliance. "The modern world values people who can be creative, who can communicate their ideas and collaborate with others."

Unfortunately the current system fails to develop these skills in young people.

2. Lack of Autonomy

In school "every minute of the child's life is tightly controlled by the system." This imposed structure prevents students from taking ownership of their lives.

According to Peter Gray a leading voice on 21st century education, "children don't like school because at school they are not free."

This kind of control is at odds with the current work environment, where people are often expected to manage their own time and schedule their own tasks.

"You are making your own decision’s regarding what to do and when to do it."

Schools need to focus more on creating students who are self-motivated and self-controlled.

3. Inauthentic Learning

"Most of the learning that happens in schools today is not authentic because it relies on memorization and rote learning."

The system measures academic performance according to the amount of information students can regurgitate during an exam. "We know that such learning is not authentic because most of it is gone the day after the exam."

Today it is essential that students are able to use what they have learned to create new designs, solve problems and overcome a variety of challenges.