The Advantages Of Workplace Training For Employers And Employees



Many organisations send their employees for training so that they can upskill their employees and stay ahead of competitors.
The three types of training that you get are:
  1. Induction - induction training is that an initial training you get when you start the job.
  2. Off the job training - off the job when you have to go off premises and do some training perhaps with a external specialist in a particular area.
  3. On the job training - on the job is when you learn with a colleague in the business and you train with them.

Employers give the training and then they spend a lot of money on the employees getting the skills that they require.

What are the benefits of training for employers:

  • They get an increase in the quality of goods and services.
  • Increased sales and therefore increased revenue.
  • Increase the quantity produced because if you pay for training assit your employees to get the skills, well then you are likely to be better at producing whatever it is you produce and at a quicker pace. This will result in more productivity.
  • You can stay ahead of your rivals and your competitors 
  • Staff retention. If you increase the amount of training that you put into your employees, you help them build motivation.

What are the benefits of training for employees:

  • If they're being asked to do training and they become good at what they do, then they're going to get more job satisfaction and they're going to feel more motivated. Everyone likes feeling good at what they do.
  • If they are getting better or they do there's more chance for promotion for employees. 
  • Job security. 

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