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A Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) assists the Employer in drafting an Annual Training Report (ATR) on the implementation of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP). This is only naming one, of a few, of the SDF’s responsibilities.

The development of the Workplace Skills Plan might be seen as the SDF’s main role, as the WSP should comply with the requirements of the Seta, before being submitted, to the Seta.

The SDF should also implement a Quality Management System (QMS) for skills development practices, in an organisation.

As a future SDF, you will learn the following:

- How to develop an organization’s training and development plan.
- How to conduct an analysis to determine outcomes of learning for skills
development and other purposes.
- How to provide information and advice, regarding skills development and related
- How to conduct skills development administration in an organisation.
- How to advise on the establishment and implementation of a quality management
system for skills development practices in an organisation.
- How to co-ordinate planned skills development interventions in an organisation.

It is highly beneficial and necessary for an SDF to be professionally qualified.

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