CIPS receives professional certification from SAQA


The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) Africa received its formal recognition by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), as the professional body for the procurement and supply profession in South Africa. This decision was announced by the SAQA board, and includes the formal registration of the MCIPS professional designation on the South African NQF, at NQF Level 8.

"This is a major milestone in the history of CIPS Africa, ' said managing director Andre Coetzee.

"I believe that we will see an unprecedented growth in membership following this announcement.' (Individual members of CIPS pay between R600.00 and R800.00 for their annual membership.)

This recognition is an advancement not only for the NPO, but for procurement professionals in the Southern African region, and in Africa as a whole. It is a necessary and timely progression after the appointment of CIPS as the professional body for supply chain management professionals in public sector procurement by the South African National Treasury.

As a professional body, CIPS is mandated to represent the interest of the procurement practitioners and professionals, and lobby on their behalf. This includes protecting the procurement profession by maintaining and enforcing the standards of education and training, and ensuring ethical conduct by its members.

The main focus of CIPS Africa is that of promoting and professionalising the procurement and supply profession. With a proven track record of working with the statutory bodies in the field of education and training and other government institutions, CIPS has built a strong working relationship with SOEPF (The State Owned Enterprises Procurement Forum).

"Professionalisation is about being proud of your chosen profession. It is about standards and ethics, and it is about the value that the members of our profession can add to their organisations' commented Carin Stoltz-Urban, Head of Professional Development and Education for CIPS.