Do You Qualify For UIF Reduced Work Time Benefits?

Being forced to work reduced hours or put on ‘short time’ can be an extremely stressful time. You will receive less income but your expenses remain the same. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) will provide compensation to employees whose working hours have been reduced or forced to stay at home due to work stoppage.

Below is the list of information required when applying for Reduced Work Time Benefits

  1. Your identification document, card, passport or asylum seeker’s permit.
  2. Completed UI-2.1 Form (Information)
  3. Completed UI-2.8 Form (banking details)
  4. Completed UI-2.7 Form (remuneration received by you whilst still in employment)

Qualifying Conditions For Reduced Work Time Benefits

  1. In terms of Section 12(1)b of the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Act 10 of 2016 a contributor employed in any sector, other than domestic that loses his or income due to reduced working time, despite still being employed, is entitled to benefits.
  2. If the contributor’s total income falls below the benefits level which the contributor would have received, if he or she had become unemployed, they will qualify for benefits and the claim will be approved. These benefits are subject to having enough credits.

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