How To Add A New Employer On uFiling

Laptop open on Unemployment Insurance Fund website page

If you recently changed your place of employment, it is important to update your information on the uFiling website. This ensures that you are covered under the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) incase of a job loss. 

The uFiling system is a website that provides users with a convenient alternative to manually update their UIF information. By using the uFiling website,, you can skip the lines and process payments from a place and time that suits you. 

How To Add A New Employer on uFiling.

Step 1. Open your web browser and go to

Step 2. Log into your uFiling account.

Step 3. Click on “Registrations”. This will trigger a dropdown menu. Then click on “add”.

Step 4. Enter your “UIF Reference Number” and click on “Add”.

Step 5. Check if the “Employer Details” are correct. If they are correct, click on “Add Employer”.

If you encounter any issues on the website you can contact the UIF call centre on 0800 030 007 or visit one of their offices.



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