How To Handle Pressure In the Workplace


Meeting deadlines, overwhelming duties; these are some of the main causes of stress in the working environment. Here's Academy Training Group's tips on how to handle pressure in the workplace.



Being under pressure at work is inevitable and can have a negative impact on your wellbeing; both physically and psychologically. Practicing how to handle pressure is vital for reducing stress and improving overall health.

Have a Change of Heart

When faced with new overwhelming duties at work, do not panic! Take every challenge as an opportunity to grow and learn new skills. The more you learn, the more experience you have, which opens a lot of opportunities for you to work in different departments.

Embrace ‘The Now’

Worrying about your future can be overwhelming sometimes. Thinking about the outcome whether you will succeed or fail can put pressure on your wellbeing. Rather take it one step at a time to minimise stressful situations.

Give Yourself Some Credit

It is probably not the first time you have encountered such challenges and found yourself competent. You can do it again. Just stay calm and remind yourself who is in control.

Deep Breaths

The moment we panic, it is difficult to think clearly thus leading to mistakes and making the situation even worse. Take a moment to clear your mind and just breathe. This reduces anxiety attacks and stress.

Always Ask For Help

Communication is key. When you are in distress, do not shy away to ask a fellow team member. Share it with colleagues as they may have faced the same situation in the past and have the solutions you can apply.

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