How To Declare Your Workers on UFiling

UIF bus

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) is urging employers to declare their workers on the UIF’s UFiling system. 

The UIF says that at least 444 327 Covid-19 Ters claims have not been processed due to employers not declaring their workers. 

To Declare your employees on the Ufliling system follow the steps listed below 

Step 1: Visit the UIF’s Ufling website at 

Step 2: Insert your user name and password to log in. 

Step 3: Find and Select the Declaration Manager tab. 

Step 4: Click on the employer name. 

Step 5: Then click on the view declarations button. 

You will now be able to view the value of the declarations for months

Step 6: Click on Open declaration  

Step 7: Click on Edit View to resolve any declaration issues. 

Step 8: Once the declaration issues are resolved click on view declarations

Step 9: You can view your UI-7 by clicking on view declaration followed by clicking on UI-7

Step 10: You can submit your declaration by clicking on the Submit Declarations button. 

Step 11: Follow the prompts.  

Step 12: Click on Calculate Declarations. This will turn your grid green. Once your grid is green, your declaration is successful. 

The UIF has paid more than R63 billion in Ters relief funds to 786 972 employers to distribute to their employees since March last year.



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