How to spot quality training venues


The impending move to newer, better business premises has prompted training specialists at Maccauvlei Learning Academy to reflect on what good operating spaces and training venues are really about. Here are some tips on what to look out for during your next venue inspection.

Before training has even begun facilitators have a responsibility to set the right tone and create an environment which is conducive for learning.

Participants who arrive at the training session with an enthusiastic approach are more likely to learn and benefit from the training. While it is impossible to control attitudes, it is possible to steer them in the right direction.

One way of doing this is to select venues which offer easy access to transport routes. If concerns about traveling are not eliminated it could easily cause individuals to become disinterested and to view training as a chore rather than a learning opportunity. This also applies to access for the disabled.

A good venue should be safe and secure. When participants feel safe they are able to give all their attention to the trainer.

There are many physical factors relating to comfort which can impact the actual training sessions. "Venue?s must be well lit preferably with some natural light , ventilated, with comfortable furniture conducive to sitting for lengthy periods at a time and enough space to spread documents and workbooks'.

In addition venues be should be checked for sound proof to ensure learners can concentrate on the material at hand and are not distracted by traffic noise.

Training sessions that continue for more than two hours should follow a schedule which participants should receive before training begins. This lets learners know what to expect and ensures the flow of training is not interrupted.

Other factors that can improve training include a welcoming ambience and professional staff who deliver efficient service.

The knowledge and understanding that the Maccauvlei Learning Academy demonstrates in the area of training venues is a testimony to the service they provide.

In fact one of the many benefits that clients will enjoy when Maccauvlei officially moves into their new premises is a large selection of good venues and accommodation.

The aim is to reposition the organisation closer to the Johannesburg and Gauteng area where a large number of clients are based. The new location will enable trouble free entrance from major highways and airports.

The change will allow the training provider to dedicate 100% of their time and focus on implementable training and development solutions without the accommodation challenges so that they can continue to deliver reputable public programmes.

Maccauvlei Learning Academy will, as from 1st November 2012, locate to 1 Phillip Engelbrecht Drive, Meyersdal, just off Michelle Avenue from the R59. For more information email [email protected] or visit Maccauvlei Learning Academy

By Cindy Payle - Skills Portal

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