How To Use Short Courses To Build Up Your Career

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A short course refers to learning that combines both practical and theoretical skills. It opens up many doors of opportunities for students to learn about a specific industry in a short period of time. The main purpose of short courses is to develop and upskill your current set of skills. It aims to provide you with the basic skills you need to become a professional in your chosen career field. The duration varies from a couple of weeks up to 6 months – 1 year depending on the type of course you are pursuing.

What are the benefits of completing a short courses?

  • Short courses keep your skills current in readiness for opportunities
  • It portrays your commitment to on-going learning opportunities
  • Provides networking opportunities both in person and online
  • You can identify your hidden talents/interests that inspires and challenges you
  • It is cost-effective and provides added skills to workers at any level

How to make short-courses valuable?

Short courses are not aligned or accredited to NQF levels and do not lead to a full qualification. However, it indicates to your current or prospective employer that you are self-motivated and eager to broaden your skill set which does not allow you to become stagnant.
There are many different types of short courses available to employees. It plays an important role in developing South African job-seekers and current employees in the workplace. They are affordable, manageable and help people gain specific skills training within a short period of time.

Where can you study short courses?

There are various institutions that offer short courses. It is important to find an institution that accommodates your academic needs and work-life schedule. For example:

TVET Colleges – These institutions offer courses that provide both theoretical and practical skills training. It offers students the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and develop their skills that will be used to pursue their desired career choice.

Online classes – An online class is where a course/lesson is done over the internet. This enables you to learn at your own pace through virtual learning.

Distance learning – This method of learning is conducted via correspondence which does not allow you to be physically present. One of the main benefits of distance learning is that it provides flexibility where students can access lessons/ course material at their own leisure. Students can use an array of technological mediums to facilitate their student-lecturer communication.

We live in a world where we need to constantly develop and reinvent ourselves. In order to keep up with the constant changes and challenges, you need to find ways to develop your skills and broaden your knowledge of expertise. Short courses are practical, convenient and provide an endless amount of opportunities.



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