New Teacher Assistant Recruits Encouraged To Take Part In Trainings


Newly recruited participants of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) have been encouraged to take on another opportunity that forms part of the Basic Education initiative, because it is through this particular opportunity that the youth will gain skills that are relevant in the job market.




The Department of Basic Education (DBE) takes pride in the progress that it has made through the Basic Education Initiative, having employed almost 280,000 young people in a number of schools across all nine provinces as education and general school assistants during Phases One to Three. 

Phase Four of the initiative will commence in February 2023 and run up until September 2023. Basic Education has confirmed that the second cohort (group) will begin from May 2023 to September 2023, which is 3 months after the first cohort of recruits.

The department has confirmed that it also has an opportunity for its new group of recruits to gain relevant skills that will help them in the job market.

According to the initiative’s project manager, Lala Maje, the training that is offered as part of this government initiative is mainly to build capacity in schools and communities, and it comes in the form of both an informal training and formal training. In a statement, the Eastern Cape Department of Education) recently announced:

We are calling all youth, who have been appointed in Phase Four of Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) to complete the online compulsory training.

According to the Provincial Education Department, the teacher assistant/general assistant training may be accessed through the following link:

Basic Education spokesperson, Elijah Mhlanga, said the trainings offerings will be done with the department’s partners (Digify Africa, NEMISA, 2Enable, and Pinnock Consulting, eCubed)

The courses differ in terms of duration and the participants will receive an accredited certificate after the completion of the course.

One of the objectives of the youth employment initiative is to provide beneficiaries with skills and competencies that will enhance their prospects for future employment. 

Should the youth who were part of the PYEI need further information on possible opportunities that they may benefit from, they can join Teacher Connect WhatsApp on 060 060 3333.

Former Education Assistants and General School Assistants have been encouraged to apply for their UIF benefits that they are entitled to.





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