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hazel kosieHazel is a junior journalist at Portal Publishing and writes for The Careers Portal and The Skills Portal. She started out by writing short stories, drawing inspiration from books that she took from her local library. She has obtained her National Diploma in Journalism from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

She has great interest in news and she has previously worked as a radio journalist, producing content for Zibonele FM, a Current Affairs show. While studying towards her journalism qualification, she was working part-time as an online English tutor.

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Articles by Hazel:

Qualifying unemployed individuals may apply for the Social Relief of Distress Grant online. Before individuals can be provided with the outcome of their social grant application, the grant goes through a number of processes.


There are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country that you can choose from.

The Sector Education and Training Authority's primary function is to increase the skills of employees and work-seekers through learnerships, skills programmes, internships, and apprenticeships. 


Finances might the obstacle that stands between you and your dream, but it’s important that you explore the funding options that you can take advantage of before pursuing your studies in any institution of higher learning.


There is no fixed payment date for the Social Relief of Distress Grant, it is important that recipients check for their payment date and balance before making withdrawals at various payout points.

The Gauteng Department of Education has encouraged parents and guardians to submit their online admissions application on time. This comes after the department's decision to extend the application period.


Employed individuals have access to various benefits, as long as they are registered and are paying toward UIF contributions. These contributions will come in handy when they are retrenched and laid off.


It's important for any professional to network, as this will not only help you connect to as many people as possible in your respective industry, but these are connections that can help elevate your career.


Gauteng online school admission applications for learners who will be enrolled in grades 1 and 8 in the 2024 school have already opened. Parents and guardians who miss out on the set admission timeliness, will need to submit a late application.


A damning report from an independent assessor found a public university dysfunctional, recommending for it be placed under administration. The institution has admitted to serious government and operational problems but claims that it is far from collapse.


The online application period for learners to be admitted to schools in Gauteng for Grade 1 and Grade 8 opened on 15 June 2023. As per the department's admissions phases, this will be followed by parents and guardians receiving placement offers.


South Africa has high levels of inequality, with millions of people struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet. Many experts have been engaging in talks about implementing a Universal Basic Income Grant as a means of putting an end to poverty in the country. 


More than two years after the pandemic moved us out of the office and onto our screens, business leaders, HR, and employees are left navigating a disconnected workplace.

The Western Cape Education Department gave parents their last chance to apply for school admission in May. Parents and caregivers have been urged to confirm their school offers as they are now running out of time.


The Gauteng Education Department opened its online admissions application cycle for the 2024 school year. Parents and caregivers have been encouraged to submit their applications as soon as they can to secure a place at a school in the province.


The Department of Higher Education and Training is making a number of interventions, aimed at tackling youth unemployment. These interventions will benefit thousands of graduates without any prospective employment opportunities.


Each year, parents and caregivers are advised to be on the lookout for school admission deadlines. Keeping an eye out for these deadlines will ensure that parents are able to apply on time for their children to receive school placements. 


There are a number of unregistered and unaccredited institutions of higher learning. This leaves both students and parents falling victim to scams, however, some efforts are being made to resolve this.


Infrastructure challenges have long been an issue in the basic education sector. These issues include schools with pit toilets and no access to the internet or libraries.


The South African Social Security Agency has released its 2023/24 social grant payment schedule. The Agency has started disbursing payments to recipients for the month of June 2023.





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