When Gauteng Education Will Send Out School Placement Offers


The online application period for learners to be admitted to schools in Gauteng for Grade 1 and Grade 8 opened on 15 June 2023. As per the department's admissions phases, this will be followed by parents and guardians receiving placement offers.




The Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) has advised parents and caregivers to apply early for admission for the 2024 school year.

The department officially opened the Gauteng 2024 Online Admission Application period for learners who will be attending Grade 1 or Grade 8 as of 15 June 2023 and will close on 14 July 2023. 

This indicates that parents that will be submitting admission applications on behalf of their children have less than a month to do so.

As per admissions phases, in a statement, the Education Department has announced:

Parents will receive offers of school placement from 4 September 2023.

The school placement offers will be sent out via text message and parents will be able to view them on the parent’s profile on the admissions system.

Gauteng Education has advised parents and guardians to accept the school placement offer within seven days of receiving communication regarding placement.

“Where spaces are available, parents may receive offers from all schools they applied to and the system will notify parents when there are no further offers available,” confirmed Gauteng Education.

Applicants will possibly receive more than one offer and if one of the two offers is accepted, the other one falls away automatically. 

Here’s How Gauteng 2024 School Admission Applications Will Work:

The Education Department’s online system has received new improvements, and one of the changes that have been made includes admissions following a single application process.

Gauteng Education Minister Matome Chiloane has explained that parents and caregivers will now apply for Grades 1 and Grade 8 at the same time. Previously, admission applicants were submitted using the two-phased approach method.

Additionally, the online system is expected to work faster as it will be taking up to 40,000 applications within a minute.

The department has also advised parents against using internet cafés when applying online for placement for their children as they are not reliable. 


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