Sassa Issues Negatively Impact Grant Payments


Millions of South Africans rely on receiving grant payments to make it through each month. However, this has recently not been the case for some grant beneficiaries who have found themselves left behind. 




Earlier this year, the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) ended its partnership with the South African Post Office (Sapo).

Sassa has since apologised to clients who normally received their grants at the Post Office. 

Since the end of the partnership, Postbank has taken over from the Post Office, but some lobby groups have expressed that this has caused a setback on social grant payments.

In a statement, Black Sash said:

Sassa and Sapo gave the assurance to civil society that the cession would not have any impact on grant payments, but the reality on the ground painted a very different picture.

The civil society’s Director, Rachel Bukasa, said the fact that Sassa had 3 months to plan the migration from Sapo to Postbank and still these challenges persist, is hugely disappointing. 

In the past few months, people have been complaining about the national agency’s long and tiresome processes when it comes to grants, including how this transition has negatively impacted on their grants being administered to them.

It had been reported that there were several systemic collapses on November 2022 grant payment dates, including loadshedding and the Postbank network going down.

Sassa clients had been informed that they had to change from biometrics to PINS whilst collecting their social grant funds, which was found to be difficult to use and understand for older beneficiaries.

Whilst beneficiaries with Postbank cards received their grants, SASWITCH and Sassa payment cards were said to have been blocked on the system and this has resulted in many Sassa grants not being paid between 2 - 4 November 2022. 





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