Skills Development is IMPORTANT

develop your skills

Developing your Skills….or those of others, are extremely important. Ask yourself These Questions:

  1. WHAT are your Training Needs?
  2. WHAT are the Training Needs of your Company, or your staff?
  3. WHY do you need Training?
  4. WHERE should you enquire about the above?

Your first step would be to do a Training Needs Analysis! A Training Needs Analysis would place the focus on your, OR your organisation’s goals and objectives, helping you to determine the tasks and people needed to reach those goals and ultimately, the objectives.

Once you have determined what your needs are, you need to implement the training. You would train, in order to reach your goal! Subsequently, you would need to trust your Training Provider, much like you would trust an investor or bank, where you would invest your money.

This brings us to the following: SKILLS DEVELOPMENT. Academy Training Group’s Skills Development Facilitator course, will equip learners with the required knowledge and skills to:

- Identify Training Needs;
- draw up Workplace Skills Plans (WSP);
- draw up Annual Training Reports (ATR); and
- Implement Quality Management Systems (QMS) in an organization.

It is the Skills Development Facilitator’s responsibility to ensure that the skills development plan is followed and properly administered. They should also implement a quality management system (QMS) for skills development practices in an organization. The responsibility of a Skills Development Facilitator is great and thus they need to meet a high standard of criteria.

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