Want To Study Economics At Unisa?



What will I learn in an economics study programme? For many the field of economics and the career opportunities associated with it is shrouded in mystery.



The economic sector is broad and incorporates many competencies including the management of finances, statistical analysis and risk assessment to name a few. Below is a brief look at five of the major economics programmes offered at Unisa and what they entail.


Economics is a social science that looks at the production, distribution and consumption of resources.It branches off in many directions including applied economics, managerial economics, econometrics, development economics and natural resource economics.

Banking, Risk and Financial management

Financial management principles help organisations manage their finances effectively so as to achieve the goals of the organisation. Students will learn principles like financial planning, credit management, stock control, capital management, tax planning and budgeting.

Business informatics

This refers to the information systems within a business. During this programme students will learn how to properly analyse and implement these systems in a business environment.

Human resource management

This course involves people management focusing on policies, procedures and systems. Studying this opens you up to more paths than just becoming a human resources practitioner. You can also go into government, education, commerce and industry and also hold a wide range of positions.

Industrial and organisational psychology

This isn't the usual type of psychology that comes to mind but rather deals with the psychology of people within business and their behavior. This field covers diverse themes from psychological testing and assessment and research methodology to leadership and personnel development.

Unisa also offers the following economics courses: Decision sciences, Entrepreneurship, Management and management support services, Marketing management, Public administration, Retail management, Safety Management, Tourism management and Transport economics, logistics and supply chain management.

These courses are all offered under Unisa's Economic and management sciences faculty.




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