Why Skills Development Is Important

Man writing Skills development

As more and more jobs are being eliminated due to the automation of industries, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to acquire skills that are in demand.

If you are not skilled enough with a certain skill set, you will not be qualified for any of the available jobs.

This can lead to unemployment.

Acquiring a skill is an investment in one's life and future. It opens up all sorts of employment opportunities and helps to create a sense of fulfilment.

What is skills development?

Skills development is a major goal of the South African government. The Skills Development Act in South Africa was created to help develop the skills of the South African people in the workplace.

The Act incentivises employers to provide skills training to employees and the unemployed, as well as those who are presently employed but lack skills.

Skills Development Fund grants from the Department of Labour are available for those who qualify under the provisions of the Act.

Skills development is a process that aims to improve employees' skills and productivity in the workplace. Skills development is also used to help people find jobs and keep them.

It helps with employability, productivity, and competitiveness of employers, as well as promoting self-employment.

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