Why you should study abroad

Studying abroad is more than a travel opportunity, it can improve your job prospects and give you invaluable life experience.

The decision to study away from home requires courage and commitment but the pay-off is priceless according to Top Universities writer Laura Tucker.

In the article '25 Reasons to study abroad” Tucker highlights some of the benefits of pursuing your studies in a foreign country.

Here are 5 important reasons to take the plunge:

Become an adult

This is a great opportunity to learn self-reliance and gain independence says Tucker. The idea of being on your own might be frightening to some but to those who want to grow up this is a door to independent living.

Boost your CV

Employers understand the value of travel, living in a foreign country and studying away from home.

The life skills gained from this experience will make you stand out from the crowd and give you the edge during the interview process.

Make important connections

During your stay you will meet a diverse range of people and learn about different cultures. These connections can unlock future travel and work opportunities. If you are fortunate you will also make lifelong friends along the way.

Expand your job prospects

According to Tucker many students choose to continue working in the country where they have studied. Those who decide to go home will likely become the first choice for other international work opportunities in their field.

Gain life experience

Perhaps the number one selling point is the opportunity to gain life experience. While there are concrete academic and soft skills that you will gain during your stay, in many ways what you will learn from this experience cannot be quantified. Good memories and an appreciation for family and life are just a few of the rewards of studying abroad.

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