Problem Solving Techniques Companies Should Use



Companies are faced with challenges every day. As technology continue to evolve at the speed of light, companies are forced to keep up or get left behind. Inflation rates, employee burnout, competitors, customer services are all examples of issues companies face.



Some of these issues can be managed through Problem Solving Techniques. Depending on the issue and situation, you’ll need to use different types of problem-solving strategies:

Identify the Problem

First step is ALWAYS to, is identify the core of the problem. You must gather data that will accurately define the problem for example; knowing what are your company’s short term and long term goals? Is the company meeting their target goals?

Try to Come Up with Possible Solutions

Brainstorm possible solutions with team members (write them on a piece of paper). To get more information, brainstorm with colleagues that have experienced the issue.

Review Solutions

Compare alternative solutions and make a decision; you need to consider the resources required to implement it. Finally, make a firm decision on a solution that will undoubtedly address the root cause of the problem.

Implement the Solution

Plan how you implement the solution, make sure you carefully apply the correct steps. To be on the safe side, rather ask for approval from stakeholders before implementation.

Evaluate the Results

Did you meet the company goals? Were there any unexpected concerns? If the issue is not solved, identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

If the issue has been resolved, eliminate all the causes of the problems in the first place and ensure it does not affect the company flow again.

Seek Opportunities to Improve

Look for more ways to resolve the issue so that you have more than one solution. Consider it a
lesson learned, and make sure the problem will not occur again in the future. Repeat steps.

Remember, having excellent Problem Solving Skills takes time and effort. Just keep practicing. Where you make mistakes, learn from it; with time, you will have superior problem solving skills.

One more thing, communication is key… always ask and listen to your team members for advice to solve problems.

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