When Will May/June Matric Rewrite Results Be Released?



For South African learners gearing up to rewrite their National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams this May/June 2024, the path to results day is about to unfold. This informative guide will equip you with the knowledge of when to expect your much-anticipated matric rewrite results.



South African students are now in the process of taking the May/June National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams for 2024 as the exams are underway. Whether you're a public or private school learner, the window to improve your marks or complete missed exams from November is now taking place until June.

But when can you expect your results?

The wait won't be too long! The official release date for the May/June Matric rewrite results is set for August 7, 2024.

You'll be able to collect your results at the exam center you wrote at, or designated collection points. Keep an eye on your phone – the Department of Basic Education (DBE) will send you an SMS notification with details.

What about Matric remarks, rechecks, and viewing scripts?

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Viewing Scripts: If you have specific questions about your results, you can request to view your marked exam script within seven days of receiving your results. Be sure to have clear reasons for your request.
  • Matric Remarks/Rechecks: Think your marks deserve another look? You can apply for a remark or recheck of your exam script within 21 days of the results release.

Next Matric Rewrite Opportunity

The application window for the October/November 2024 matric exams has closed. Candidates who wrote during May/June 2024 are the only people who can still apply for the October/November matric exams.

NSC candidates who write the 2024 May/June candidates are the only candidates eligible to register for the November NSC examination when their results are released in August 2024. 

If you're not satisfied with your May/June 2024 results, you'll have another chance to rewrite in May/June 2025/

Applications for the 2025 rewrites will open in October 2024.

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