May/June Matric Exam Rewrites Commence For 2024


Thousands of learners are set to participate in the 2024 May/June matric exams. Here's what learners will be writing over the next few weeks. 



Today is the official start of the 2024 May/June National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams, also known as Matric exams. The exams kick off with various languages in the morning session, followed by English in the afternoon.

Both public and independent schools commenced with their May/June matric rewrite examinations.

This May/June exam period is a chance for two groups of learners:

  • Learners who registered for the previous year's NSC exams but want to improve their marks.
  • Learners who were absent from the November exams.

Matric Exam Timetable

IEB May Matric Exam Timetable

Understanding Your National Senior Certificate (NSC) Results

Once you receive your NSC results, you'll see different pass options based on your marks in each subject. Here's a breakdown of what each pass means for your future studies:

The Higher Certificate Pass allows students to pursue a Higher Certificate in tertiary education. These programs are primarily vocational, meaning they focus on a specific occupation or skillset, with coursework geared towards industry needs. Later, students can apply for a higher qualification, such as an Advanced Diploma.

A Diploma Pass allows students to pursue further studies in diploma programs at universities of technology (also known as technikons) and TVET Colleges. These diplomas come in various forms, including advanced and national diplomas.

Finally, the Bachelor's Pass grants students the opportunity to complete a degree at an institution of their choice, such as colleges or universities.

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For many South African students, the matric exams are a crucial gateway to higher education. A matric rewrite allows you to improve your matric results and unlock a wider range of study opportunities at the tertiary level.




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