Grade 12 Examinations


Did you pass the 2023 Matric exams? The wait for your official matric certificate is over! They're now available for collection at your school.

Thousands of learners are set to participate in the 2024 May/June matric exams. Here's what learners will be writing over the next few weeks. 

IEB matric learners who want to improve their results can register to rewrite their matric exams. Applications to rewrite the exams in November are now open. 

Thousands of learners are expected to participate in the 2024 May/June Matric Exams. Here's the timetable for the matric exam rewrites. 

On Wednesday, grade 12 learners around the country will put down their pens for the final time. However, a lot of work must be done before they get their matric results. 

Thousands of Grade 12 learners are gearing up for their final school examinations. The education department recently unpacked what is being done in preparation for the critical exams.

Preparation is underway around the country in anticipation of the final matric exams which is just a few months away. The Independent Examination Board has released their matric exam timetable to aid learners in their preparation for the upcoming final matric exams. 

Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric candidates who requested a remark for their supplementary grade 12 examinations can now see the outcome of this. The board released remark results on Thursday. 

Many learners around South Africa will begin writing their final school examinations on Wednesday. This comes as the mid year supplementary grade 12 examinations get underway.


Learners who want to rewrite their matric exams in 2023 still have time to register for the end-of-year exams. This comes after an extension was granted by the education department.


Thousands of learners are expected to participate in the May/June 2023 matric examinations. The education department has now released the timetable, allowing learners to begin their preparations for the important examinations. 

While the Independent Examinations Bureau matric class of 2022 achieved a pass rate of above 98%, unsuccessful learners have an opportunity to rewrite their exams. These learners are encouraged to register before the closing date this month.  


Mathematics is recognised as a challenging subject for some learners. However, when matric candidates complained that one question was “unsolvable”, the quality assurance body was forced to investigate the veracity of claims made by many learners.


While the 2023 school year has begun in several provinces in South Africa, grade 12 learners are still awaiting to learn how they did in their final school examinations. The date the results are set to be released has raised questions about the impact it could have on tertiary education admissions.


As the new year begins, 2022 matric candidates will be eagerly awaiting the outcome of their final examinations. The results they achieved during the examinations will guide the next step of their academic journeys.


Despite having to overcome huge adversity, the class of 2021 worked hard and earned more than 200 000 distinctions.

Mathematics is viewed as one of the more challenging subjects at schools, and with the release of the 2021 Grade 12 Examination Results, how well did the class of 2021 fair?

Matric Results will be published on media platforms after courts ruled against the Education Department’s decision not publish the results publicly. 

The body ensures the quality and credibility of Grade 12 examinations in South Africa has approved the release of the 2021 Matric results.

After a week of uncertainty, the courts have decided that the Class of 2021’s results will be published on all media platforms.




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