Matric Exams Are Done, What's Next?


On Wednesday, grade 12 learners around the country will put down their pens for the final time. However, a lot of work must be done before they get their matric results. 



The Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga will announce the final matric results on 18 January 2024 following the completion of the matric exams at the end of 2023. Nearly one million candidates participated in the exams with the final papers being written on Wednesday 6 December 2023. 

Around 717,000 full-time and 181,000 part-time candidates participated in the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams. More than 1.7 million scripts from these learners will now undergo marking, moderation, and checking before candidates receive their results in January. 

Over 52,000 markers have been appointed to complete this important work and they will be operating across 184 marking centres.

Acknowledging the challenges faced during the exams, the Department of Basic Education (DBE) assured stakeholders that none compromised the integrity of the results. 

Challenges included power outages, road closures, and late script returns, all of which were thoroughly investigated. Two instances of late script returns prompted investigations to ensure tampering had not occurred, and that there were no leaked exam papers.

The department even revealed that a single hijacking incident occurred in the Eastern Cape. The vehicle that was hijacked fortunately did not have examination scripts during the crime. 

Several impersonators were identified by vigilant invigilators, leading to planned legal action against them.

 Despite challenges, the department emphasised that no examination papers were leaked and commended stakeholders for their contributions. They highlighted achievements such as the secure delivery of question papers and accommodations for candidates with learning barriers.

Minister Motshekga praised provincial education departments and schools for their support and organisation of matric camps. She affirmed the commitment to error-free exams, expressing gratitude to stakeholders for their contributions. 

While encouraging responsible celebration post-exams, Minister Motshekga cautioned against disruptive behaviour at so-called pens down parties. They emphasised the need for support from parents, communities, and caregivers to ensure the safety and well-being of students during the celebratory period.

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