Department Confident Learners Are Ready For 2023 Matric Exam


Thousands of Grade 12 learners are gearing up for their final school examinations. The education department recently unpacked what is being done in preparation for the critical exams.



The Department of Basic Education (DBE) believes learners will be ready for the upcoming National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams.

They are also confident in their ability to address minor challenges that may be experienced during the upcoming NSC exams. This was revealed during a recent briefing where the department provides insights into the state of readiness in preparation of the critical exams. 

A major component of their state of readiness was ensuring learners are adequately prepared for the exams. The DBE's Bulara Monyaki highlighted the many support programmes held across all provinces during autumn and winter school holidays. 

These support classes primarily aimed to facilitate revision of previously covered coursework and were conducted in a face-to-face format.

Monyaki also revealed the strategies in place to facilitate exams for sign language matric candidates. There are currently 134 South African sign language candidates from various provinces who are set to participate in the upcoming examinations. 

They explained the process of providing question papers, stating that they would be presented in sign language, video recorded, and distributed to candidates on the day of the examinations. 

It was revealed that 74% of the learners sitting for these exams had progressed from Grade 10. To ensure better retention of students in the system, plans are being devised, with a strong emphasis on vigilant monitoring. 

Monitoring is critical; unless you monitor, you will never achieve full compliance with your desired outcomes.

Inquiries on various matters including the absence of auditing for printing facilities in the North West and Free State provinces were also made. It was clarified that the Free State had already undergone an audit, and the North West had shifted its printing operations to internal machinery. 

Concerns were also raised about the attendance of teachers at support programmes and the consequences for those who did not participate. 

In response, the committee was assured that individuals working with minors are closely observed to determine their suitability. Teachers and other participants are qualified and are invited to participate based on school recommendations.

The Director-General of the DBE Mweli Matanzima, summed up the state of readiness, stating that it has evolved in many ways. He noted that learners eagerly anticipated the exams and were prepared to reciprocate the DBE's efforts in preparing for the upcoming examinations.

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