2023 IEB Matric Exam Timetable Now Available


Preparation is underway around the country in anticipation of the final matric exams which is just a few months away. The Independent Examination Board has released their matric exam timetable to aid learners in their preparation for the upcoming final matric exams. 



The Independent Examination Board (IEB) has published the Final Matric Exam timetable for the 2023 National Senior Certificate (NSC) Examinations. The final exam timetable indicates when learners will commence and complete the final examinations of their schooling. 

While the IEB NSC matric exams will officially commence on Tuesday, 12 September 2023, with the Life Orientation Common Assessment Task (CAT), learners will write the bulk of their exams in October 2023. 

Examinations will get in full swing from 17 October 2023, and will continue on consecutive days until Tuesday, 28 November 2023, when the IEB NSC said matric exams will conclude.


IEB Matric Exam Results 

In 2022, IEB matric candidates achieved an impressive 98.42% pass rate, with 89.32% of candidates obtaining bachelor's passes. This pass rate was slightly higher than that of 2021, which was 98.39%. 

The IEB consistently maintains a high average pass rate ranging from 97% to 98%, ensuring students' success in completing high school and providing them with opportunities to pursue higher education at South Africa's Universities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges and Private Colleges.

Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education in South Africa ensures the quality assurance of the IEB NSC.

Tips For IEB Matric 

During the exam period, learners often experience high levels of stress, so they must adequately prepare while taking care of their well-being. Maintaining a positive attitude while preparing for your IEB matric exams is critical for your success. 

Practising exam question-answering techniques using past papers and memorandums has long been recommended as a great way to prepare for exams. Learners should also work to identify gaps in their answering approach and revise to improve their question-answering abilities.

Taking short breaks and spending time outdoors during study sessions can stimulate learning and prevent fatigue and anxiety. Consistent revision is essential for effective information retention. Rest, nutrition, and hydration are crucial during this mentally taxing and physically demanding time.

On the day of the IEB matric exam, learners should ensure they have all necessary stationery and identification documents. Arriving at the exam venue early allows for stress-free preparation. 

There will be a ten-minute period before the exam commences. This reading time should be used by students to carefully read and understand the questions and how they should be answered.

Starting with the easiest question can help establish a steady flow of answering questions. Understanding each question's requirements, making connections to covered material, and managing time efficiently are important strategies during the exam. 

Staying calm and seeking connections to familiar topics can aid in providing meaningful responses. This is especially important when answering difficult questions. 

Matric Exam Preparation 

Learners can find valuable resources on the Department of Basic Education's website, including study guides, audio lessons, video tutorials, and past exam question papers with memorandums, to further support their exam preparation. 

The Careers Portal also has all the matric past papers you need to prepare for the matric exams.

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