Des Squire

There is a need for assessors and moderators to be qualified and registered. Many in the education sector seem to overlook the distinction between these two terms.

Employment Equity requires companies to bring about change in leadership particularly at the higher levels of management where male dominance continues to maintain control

Much has been said recently in the press and other forms of media on the subject of racism. What is of concern to me is what appears to be a lack of understanding as to what exactly racism is.

Why not change to performance management followed by appraisal.

There is a saying “knowledge is bliss” but is it really? Knowledge of itself is great to have and can be of tremendous value but knowledge of itself is useless unless it is used, brings about change and leads to transformation.

The terms performance appraisal and performance management are often used interchangeably, but is there a difference?

When it comes to assessment some providers and assessors forget what the process of assessment is, resulting in a slip shod approach to the assessment of learner results.

In today’s business world there is a need to deal with a great deal of information.

According to the Code of Good Practice on EE in human resources a job description should outline clearly the requirement of the job. This is what an employee must know in order to be able to perform the functions and duties of the position to which they are appointed.

The concept of diversity means different things to different people. This statement in itself exemplifies the diversity that exists between each and every one of us. We are all unique individuals and we all have our individual differences.


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