Subordinate centred leadership

By Des Squire

Management today requires a drastic change in attitude. This is not a time to carry on as we have always done or to do things as we have always done them. Now is the time for change.

The way in which managers change from a philosophy of management to one of leadership will determine success or failure, will determine whether your company will just survive or thrive in difficult times.

It is now leaders need to develop self awareness in terms of how they do things and how they relate, respond and associate with subordinates. This is a time for cultivating "innovative thinking' - and a change in strategy.

Companies are experiencing tough economic times and will survive if leaders in these companies are proactive. As a manager you must now start doing things differently. You must start managing and leading others in different ways.

Your disheartened employees need both assurance and re-assurances as many believe their employers and managers have lost sight of their importance and give the impression they no longer care for them. Companies have become so profit driven they have lost sight of employees, yes, including you. You and many other managers possibly are managing - or trying to manage - with little or no experience and with very little training. Many managers have little or no concept of the difference between management and leadership. Many managers still adopt a subservient approach with employees.

Becoming a good leader means working with and through other people. It necessitates a coaching style of management where the subordinate is the focal point. Managers need to become "subordinate centered' rather than "manager centered'. In other word it?s time to think of your subordinates and to stop thinking of yourself and your personal survival. It?s time to perhaps stop being a "Yes' man or woman.

Now is the time to inspire employees and to allow them to demonstrate their innovative abilities. Now is the time for leaders to be innovative. This is a time to share personal visions and cultivate passion in others.

Now, more than ever before, is a time for open and all inclusive communication. Now is the time to show courage, to swallow pride and ask for cooperation. Now is the time to ask for commitment and increased productivity.

Many subordinates have great ideas and are capable of innovative thinking. The problem is - such innovative thinking is not allowed to develop and blossom. There is a tendency to manage as we have manages in the past. There is a tendency to treat employees as subordinates and to keep them subordinate.

Managers can achieve all of the above if the leader adopts a coaching approach to management. Now is the time for an "all inclusive' and participative form of leadership.

Trust plays a major role. If employees trust the leader they will implement policies and procedures without hesitation. They know a relationship with a leader has been built on trust and this relationship is the key to future success. For this reason it is important for leaders to demonstrate courage by sharing fears, sharing dreams, sharing confidence in the future and inspiring them with innovative leadership.

"Now is a time to break free from the past, to break free from the ordinary and escape to a place you have never been before' Now is the time to develop relationships, to allow innovative thinking to develop and to manage the process. This is an opportunity to excel and an opportunity for demonstrating great leadership.

Leading into the future

A self study manual by Des Squire

The transition from being a manager who contributes to the ongoing daily running of a business to being the leader others want to follow is a make-or-break time in some careers. This is a period when the manager decided to go for broke by, it is a period of challenge, innovation and doing the unexpected.

This 140 page manual consisting of 9 Modules, 36 stand alone lessons and 9 workplace related projects helps you identify your priorities and to learn the essential everyday skills you need to ensure your success. It will teach you how to develop strong interpersonal relationships with key individuals while at the same time building a happy and empowered team. Use it, apply its lessons and you will thrive as a new leader.

The manual has 140 pages of practical everyday self study material. Leading into the Future will assist you in making some personal and challenging career changes.
By making use of this self study manual you will
Start building the new skills, many don?t have but managers need
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