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Developing computer skills and computer literacy is becoming increasingly important as companies rely more on computerized technologies. Computer skills training is an important factor in 21st century workplaces. The importance of computer skills training can be viewed in two ways. First, it is vital for job applicants to obtain computer training to make themselves more valuable to potential employers and to obtain higher-paying jobs. Second, it is important for companies to utilize computer training in their new-hire computer skills training programs and employee development initiatives. Computer skills are a basic requirement for a large number of jobs.

Almost any office job you apply for will require you to possess basic typing and data entry skills, as well as a basic understanding of how to use an operating system. Most office work requires job applicants to be familiar with office productivity software as well, such as word processors and spreadsheet programs. Even non office jobs can require a bit of computer training. Computer training can be used for a wide variety of applications, not just for software simulations. Anything that can be taught in a classroom can conceivably be taught via computer. Employees can take ethics courses, job skills training courses, leadership training courses, safety courses and anything else on a computer.

Using computer technology to provide continual training opportunities for your workers can steadily increase employees' professional competencies and experience, while accruing the benefits of a comprehensive employee development program to your business.

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Articles on Computer Skills

IT skills in demand for 2016

Companies are being forced to continuously find people with new IT skills sets and seek out specific talents due to the rapid digitization of modern business. This article tells of which IT skills sets are in high demand for 2016.

Online Excel training allows you to train at your own pace, in your chosen location, and at your optimum level - without costing you an arm and a leg. "Audit Excel guarantees that if you do the work, you'll master Excel. Of that, there's no doubt," Adrian Miric writes.

New Horizons Computer Learning Centers Johannesburg, and Women in IT have joined forces to offer a free computer literacy programme to previously disadvantaged individuals.

Developing people skills in IT for over a decade, Careers IT offers Winter Specials in major networking technologies and more - designed to equip emerging support technicians with the best skills for employment.

CareersIT, an accredited computer-based training provider, offers National Certification training for aspirant IT support and network technicians.

As a training provider, it's easy to get overwhelmed with people, paper and figures heading in and out of your office. A Learning Management System is a simplified filing system, compiler, planner and reporter, all in one.

In today's high-pressure business environment, many people feel unable to cope with the volume of work they are expected to get through each day.
This sense of being overwhelmed is compounded when they find themselves facing a flood of new e-mail messages every time they open their inboxes, sending stress levels soaring.

Cosatu has a track record of highlighting the "offshoring" of blue-collar jobs - the FIFA merchandise is one example - but are we aware of IT offshoring?

Konani Training Institute (PTY) LTD is launching ICDL (International Computer Driving License) standard training and Testing course.

Integr8 IT, South Africa?s largest privately owned national BEE-Information Technology network integration and infrastructure management specialist, has been commended for its display of innovation in the running of an early adoption program based on the latest Microsoft technologies.

Users can expect a great deal of activity and change within the mobile and wireless/ digital lifestyle space in 2008.
The notebook, from entry level to high end professional, is gaining popularity from an ever-increasing wide user base - individuals who see the potential in the device as a desktop replacement and a key business tool for the mobile professional.

But - what really struck me was that the delegates were so impressed by the features that had always been there - and they simply did not know - that they were positively glowing with excitement at what they could now achieve by moving up a notch and using Word at a more advanced level.

A backdoor Trojan virus is attacking South African computers through Excel files - warns leading antivirus providers. ESET offers global security solutions for corporate customers and households, and is a leader in proactive malware detection.

An International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) programme at the St Mary?s Diocesan School for Girls which started two years ago has shown positive results

Do your employees need PC training? Why not develop the basic computer skills of your people and prepare for the digital workplace of the future.