The implementation of the Senior Certificate could have ceased as early as 2023, as the higher education department readied itself for the implementation of its replacement.


The prospects of finding a job in South Africa is difficult enough as the unemployment rate hovers around 34%. This rate only rises when taking a look at youth and especially individuals who have not completed Grade 12. One initiative introduced to help young people obtain their Grade 12 qualification will now be supported to ensure greater success.


Nearly 300 000 individuals will be travelling to 5 236 exam centres around South Africa to participate in the upcoming mid-year matric examinations with the hope of obtaining either a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or a Senior Certificate (SC).


Many people have lost or misplaced crucial documents related to their time in school. Here’s what it will now cost to get these documents replaced. 

Matriculants who want to register for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations in May/June have less than a week to apply as the application date approaches.

Many learners who were not satisfied with their matric results, may want to improve their results. However, not all of these learners will qualify for the upcoming supplementary examinations. 

Hundreds of thousands of matriculants received their results last week.  However some will want to improve their results during the May/June supplementary examination season. 

Matriculants around the country have received their National Senior Certificate (NSC) results after the 2021 Matric exam season.

Part of the agenda when the matric results are released is finding out the pass rates for South Africa’s nine provinces. 

After the release of the 2021 Matric examination results, many laerars may want to have their scripts remarked. Here how much a matric remark will cost you. 

This week’s release of the 2021 Grade 12 results will be a cause for celebration but the reality is that many matriculants don’t know what they will do next. For 12 years or more, school has been their world but now adulthood and responsibility are looming – and they will have to make choices that will determine their life path.

Despite having to overcome huge adversity, the class of 2021 worked hard and earned more than 200 000 distinctions.

Mathematics is viewed as one of the more challenging subjects at schools, and with the release of the 2021 Grade 12 Examination Results, how well did the class of 2021 fair?

Following the release of the Matric results of 2021, countless young people will be faced with the need or desire to adjust their study plans for this year because they did not perform as expected, while many others will be faced with the happy news that their options have increased as a result of better-than-expected results - whether this be the eligibility to enrol for higher education, or enrol for a different qualification.

In just a few weeks, the Grade 12  Matric Class of 2021 will receive their examination results. Here are the steps taken by the education department before the results can be released to the learners.

With the announcement of the National matric pass rate for the class of 2021 out of the way, the performance of the country's nine provinces is in the spotlight. 

The time has finally arrived, as the Minister of Basic Education has confirmed the national pass rate for the matric class of 2021. Many experts predicted a low pass rate, but the Minister’s announcement is a pleasant surprise.

Before matriculants receive their results, Minister Angie Motshegka will conduct the annual examination results announcement tonight. 

Matric Results will be published on media platforms after courts ruled against the Education Department’s decision not publish the results publicly. 

The body ensures the quality and credibility of Grade 12 examinations in South Africa has approved the release of the 2021 Matric results.