The Power of Pink: Leadership Empowerment Workshop


Women use many skills and a lot of wisdom, experience, and courage in their roles as mothers, caregivers, community workers, leaders, and paid employees.

The goals of this programme are to: (1) Increase how much and how many women participate in leadership at all levels (2) Recognise the skills, knowledge, and expertise of women (3) Develop women’s leadership abilities through specific facilitation and networking techniques (4) Promote and establish a network of supportive women who can help each other achieve leadership.

In-Class, Virtual and E-Learning Options Available

Contact Details
Contact Person:
Nadia Martins
Contact Email:
workshops [at]
Course Details
Course Duration:
Three Days
Course Delivery Method:

E-learning E-learning

In Class In Class

Distance Distance

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

On Demand On Demand

R 6 000,00 (Excl VAT)




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