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We are JVR Academy, and we believe soft skills are power skills.

Globally there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for higher cognitive, as well as social and emotional skills. These skills have historically been branded “soft skills”, but because they are so crucial to the survival and growth of a business, we call them POWER SKILLS.

Some examples of power skills include:

  • advanced communication
  • negotiation
  • empathy
  • being able to manage and lead ourselves and others
  • adaptability
  • resilience 

We partner with L&D and HR professionals to create customised learning solutions to develop critical workplace power skills. 

Our interventions consist of a comprehensive 5 step programme that ensures maximum benefit: 

Step 1: Needs analysis

Step 2: Pre- and post-assessments 

Step 3: The learning intervention

Step 4: Taking learning into the workplace 

Step 5: Data analytics

A key component of our development approach is Action Planning which takes the learnings from the intervention back to the specific work/life context, ensuring bridging the gap between theory and competence.

A combination of in-class and/or virtual classroom interaction, e-learning, and microlearning allows for individualisation, flexibility, and ultimately a greater chance for learning success.  

Our industry expert facilitators tailor our learning and development programmes to meet the specific needs of our clients. The use of relevant psychometric instruments and individual or group coaching adds further personal insight and enhanced impact. 

JVR Academy is an accredited service provider with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). We are also an accredited training provider for two SAQA accredited Generic Management Programmes with the Services SETA.

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Accreditation Status:
Provisional Accreditation
Services SETA and the HPCSA



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