Communication Skills Training

Short Course in Presentation Skills for the Workplace

Good presentation skills are a sought-after competency in the modern workplace. Our highly interactive, participative Presentation Skills for the Workplace short course provides delegates with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective in delivering presentations of a varied nature. In addition to being more competent in the art and skill of delivering presentations, delegates also improve their communication skills and inter-personal skills as well as the technical skills required to compile effective presentations.

Short Course in Professional Communication at Work

The Professional Communication at Work short course equips you with the essential skills to engage in professional spoken, written and visual communication messages in your workplace. During the course, you will gain insights to your own communication style, interpersonal and intercultural communication, business etiquette, business presentations and effective written messages.

IsiZulu Language Course for Beginners

With eleven official languages in South Africa, being able to speak multiple languages is very helpful. One of the most commonly used language is isiZulu and the isiZulu Language Course for Beginners is ideal for those who have no prior knowledge of the language and who would like to gain basic communicative skills in the language. The course will teach you suitable expressions and vocabulary for everyday situations, as well as vocabulary that is regularly used in isiZulu. Classes will be presented on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 18:00–19:30.

Short Course in Trauma Counselling

The Trauma Counselling short course will enable you as pastor or counsellor to deal with the process of recovery and healing after a traumatic experience. We live in a traumatised society and the church and/or pastoral counsellor is often the only “immediate” resource available for support and guidance. The course focuses on understanding the nature and impact of trauma, with a specific emphasis on trauma counselling as well as care for the caregiver.

Reputation Management: The building blocks to take your reputation to the next level

If you treasure it, you’ll measure it. Reputation management is much more than social media management or crisis management. If your organisation has a positive reputation, you will attract high calibre employees, people will want to work for and be associated to your organisation and this will stimulate investment into your products and services. Ultimately, a positive reputation contributes to the bottom line of an organisation.

Short Course in Business Management

This short course introduces you to the fundamentals of Business Management, on the basis of the valuechain
framework. You will be acquainted with the theoretical and practical knowledge of basic managerial
competency. The knowledge and skills acquired will provide you with a veritable foundation for more
effective and efficient workplace performance and enhanced organisational productivity.

Occupational Certificate: Occupational Trainer



The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to:

Plan, prepare for, coordinate, implement and evaluate learning programmes to achieve occupational trainee competence.


A qualified learner will be able to:

Establish the profile, special needs and barriers to learning of learners within the specified requirements of the training programme.

Further Education and Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Processes



Learners found competent against this Qualification will be able to execute the supervision of construction processes in a specific civil engineering context.

For those with extensive experience in the workplace, this Qualification can be used in the recognition of prior learning process to assess and recognise workplace skills acquired without the benefit of formal education and training.

For the new entrant, this Qualification describes the learning outcomes required to effectively participate in a structured workplace.



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