POP Training and Consulting

POP Training and Consulting has extensive experience in building excellence through people.

Our focus is to assist clients to build a High Performance Organisation, and to attract and retain excellent staff.

We provide:

A comprehensive intervention for Building High Performance Teams.

A large range of training programs for Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Shop Stewards and General Staff, which include:

   ●    Adapting To Change

   ●    Assertiveness and Life Skills

   ●    Building High Performance Teams

   ●    Chairing / Initiating Disciplinary Hearings

   ●    Competency Based Recruitment & Selection

   ●    Conflict Management / Conflict Resolution

   ●    Conflict Resolution - Shop Steward / Management

   ●    Customer Service - All Employees

   ●    Customer Service - Management Level

   ●    Disability Sensitisation and Awareness

   ●    Diversity and Change Management

   ●    Diversity and Discrimination Awareness

   ●    Emotional Intelligence

   ●    Employee Wellness

   ●    Employment Equity

   ●    Labour Law

   ●    Leadership, Transformation and Change Management

   ●    Middle Management Development Programme

   ●    Problem Solving, Root Cause Analysis and Innovation

   ●    Sales, Telemarketing & Customer Service

   ●    Service Excellence - The Internal Customer Value Chain

   ●    Shop Steward Capacity Building

   ●    Skills Development for EE / Training Committees

   ●    Stress Management

   ●    Supervisor and Team Leader Training Programme

   ●    Team Building

   ●    Telephone Etiquette and Customer Service

   ●    Time Management and Planning

   ●    Workplace Leadership for Win-win Outcomes

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