5 ways to maintain a safe workplace


Health and safety in the workplace is a fundamental yet often neglected element of running a successful business. The benefits to the business cannot always be calculated in a traditional sense, but good employers know that that a clean, safe environment is the foundation for productive, motivated employees.

Shan Manickam provides five simple ways to create an accident-free zone to keep your employees safe from danger or exposure to hazardous substances. These tips have more relevance to warehousing environments but it can be applied to any situation.

Keep a clean workplace

This may seem like an obvious practice, but many companies fail to meet this basic standard of safety. Don?t underestimate how good a clean workplace looks and how simple it is to reduce slip and trip hazards by keeping the workspace neat.

Manual handling

This tip is useful to any individual that may be required to lift or move a heavy object. Do as much as possible between shoulder and knee height. The reality is that you will need to store products in awkward positions, but ensure that heavier items are stored at waist level.

Traffic management

Keep forklifts away from pedestrians wherever possible. This can be done through line marking. Establish restricted areas for pedestrians to walk and for forklifts to travel and park. Ensure pedestrians understand that forklifts have right of way in their designated areas.

Consult with Staff

Safety should be more than a list of rules and regulations; it should be a part of the work culture. Consistently address health and safety concerns with staff and encourage workers to share their tips. Don?t overlook the knowledge of employees, they are on the ground floor and have a thorough understanding of the daily risks.

Know your responsibilities

Everyone, from lower management to senior executives, play a role in maintaining workplace safety. As an employer it?s important to familiarize yourself with Health and Safety requirements in order to meet the appropriate standard.

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By Cindy Payle - Skills Portal

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