6 reasons you should care about your employees’ health


When you run a business, especially a SME, there are many things you have to worry about. For starters, you have to make sure the company is running smoothly at all times. You have to be certain your clients’ needs are being met. And you have to ensure your staff members are doing their jobs correctly. You have a lot on your plate.

You don’t have time to worry about much else. So, why should you care about something as seemingly trivial as your employees’ health. That doesn’t really have to do with your business, does it?

Well, yes it does have a lot to do with your business and here’s why.

Healthy employees are more productive
It’s simple, when your employees feel good, they operate at their best. They’re energetic and therefore able to get more done. When an employee is ill, they feel horrible and are likely to be slower. If they have a sore back or chest infection, they may be in too much pain to do things properly. They will feel sluggish and be more concerned about their failing health than meeting those urgent deadlines.

Healthy employees don’t take sick leave
Every employee is entitled to certain amount of sick leave during a specific period of time. But that doesn’t mean it should be used. When someone takes a sick day, their work is pushed over to the next day. They become late on deadlines and their tasks build up, meaning they’re more stressed when they return to work. Which can cause them to have to work overtime when they’re still recovering from an illness.

And when someone takes a week or longer to recover, their work becomes someone else’s problem. Their colleagues then have to deal with their own work as well as the tasks of the sick person. This can cause delays in production, mistakes being made and unhappy clients. People taking time off work when they’re ill has a direct negative effect on your business.

Healthy employees don’t spread sickness
As someone who has spent quite some time in the business world, you will know that when one person comes into work sick, it spreads to other employees. One person may believe they’re able to make it through the work day with a bad cough and a sore throat but when others catch the bug, half your office will be taking sick leave. That means you lose half your resources for however many days it takes for them to recover. Once again, it causes delays in production, mistakes being made and unhappy clients. Only this time, it’s to a far greater extent.

Healthy employees aren’t distracted
When people are sick, they become distracted. It’s not because they have a bad work ethic, are not concerned with the job at hand or simply don’t care. It’s because they are in extreme discomfort. This means they can’t fully focus on what they’re doing. When someone is in pain, it’s the only thing they can think about. They’re dreaming about their bed while filling in important forms. Errors are likely to occur and they may not notice because they’re feeling light headed or are trying to cool down from their fever. It’s not their fault but it is a problem.

Healthy employees are less stressed
Health issues aren’t limited to a viral or bacterial infection. They can be chronic pain or larger issues that require constant medical check-ups and medication. These can cause a lot of stress for employees. Not simply because they are uncomfortable but because they can face financial strain due to medical expenses. And the stress they’re facing can impact their job performance. People who are stressed in their personal life often bring that stress to work with them. It can be quite difficult to leave issues of that nature at home.

Healthy employees are more positive
Have you ever encountered someone in ill health who has a generally negative outlook on life? This is because it’s hard not to be a pessimist when you’re in constant pain, are financially stressed due to medical expenses or simply feel awful all the time. It’s not because they fail to see the good in life, it’s because even the most beautiful landscape is ruined when your body is not cooperating.

Healthy employees, on the other hand, feel more positive. They have energy and look forward to waking up in the morning. This means they’ll spread cheer throughout the office instead of negativity.

As an employer, you should care about your employees’ health because it directly influences your business. It can affect productivity and cause absenteeism and stress. Which is why you should consider offering medical aid with day-to-day benefits to your staff. This will ensure they’re always at the top of their game and doing their best for your business.