ABET is not basic at all


When referring to ABET as "basic', many people make the mistake of interpreting
the word "basic' as "simple.' ABET is not simple at all. In fact this basic education
refers to a number of concepts, the most pertinent being foundational. ABET is
foundational in the true sense of the word. It lays the foundation for all other skills
and learning.

And basically speaking, if you do not lay the foundations then the "house' collapses.
The individual can never reach his/her full potential without ABET. ABET is not basic
at all.

Training Providers who ignore the foundations of learning, should be seriously taken
to task. Neglecting ABET, specifically English and Mathematics or Communication and
Numeracy, is sacrilegious. It only disadvantages the learners. It simply follows no
logic or reasoning thought to throw adult learners into a work environment,
qualification or further learning of any sorts, without the correct equipment. ABET is
not basic at all. ABET provides adults with relevant survival skills and equipment for
all environments.

Think of this in a school sense. If a pupil misses Grade 2, he/she misses the concept
of phonics in language. He/she will therefore never use, apply, understand, nor
interpret any language correctly, ever. Missing Grade 2 also means he/she will this
lack the ability to think logically, add or subtract. Financial, reasoning and problem-
solving skills will be impossible to obtain because this is what Numeracy teaches.
Missing one block of the education building is exactly the same as ignoring ABET.

Mathematics is the basics of problem-solving, financial acumen and reasoning.
Skipping Numeracy training produces masses of people who cannot solve problems.
Global pressures on workplaces results in the search for problem-solving employees.
It is a "given' globally that all adults be able to do this.

Not one of the leading countries neglects Mathematics because of this very
fact. Indeed many schools in India, China and Japan only teach Mathematics and
English. ABET is not basic at all. It is the core of critical problem-solving.

English is an international language and plays a pivotal role in Britain, Australia,
America, South Africa, New Zealand, countries in Western Europe, and others like
Japan, South Korea, and China. Most of these countries are vital partners for the
growth of the South African economy and we need to collaborate with them. ABET
is not basic at all. It is the key to communication, partnerships and economic

Build the foundations and provide ABET to those who need it because ABET is
not basic by any means. It equips people for workplaces and active citizenship. It
gives life to further education and training. It is indispensable.

By Paula Whitaker Director of Triple E Training Holdings

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