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The Boston Group is a pioneer in private higher education specialising in online and distance learning over the past 30 years. The advantages of home-schooling are indisputable, with academic performance at the top of the list.



Private institutions accommodate approximately 5% of the population with a growing number of private institutions offering an online education. Home schoolers have more than doubled over the last 20 months, making up some 300 000 students or 2.5% of the school learners since the start of COVID-19.

“As a pioneer in private higher education specialising in online and distance learning over the past 30 years, the Boston Group realises the challenges faced by parents who select to home school their children. Together with corporates that include Arena holdings and a banking institution, BOHE has reached out to sponsor learners.

Our mission is to create new opportunities for home education parents and learners.

  • We give parents their own log-ins so they are always able to monitor progress and participation.
  • We use gamification to motivate participation and progress.
  • We identify knowledge gaps with the artificial intelligence platform we use, and work to close the gaps before further progress is made in the syllabi
  • We are a registered Cambridge Associate, and can assist students in the ‘how’ of assessments, making the examination journey way more successful.
  • It is important for learners to be registered with an institution that is recognised by Cambridge so that the institution has access to the Cambridge Support Hub. This will ensure that the learners are being taught in terms of the specified guidelines and assessment objectives.
  • We work to provide an international aspect tp schooling, making our students global players when it comes to work, further studies and networking.

BOHE creates an aspirational online learning experience by offering support to the Cambridge Assessment modules., i.e. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and Advanced Supplementary (AS) Levels, or group awards, i.e. International Certificate of Education (ICE) and Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE),” says Eli Katz, CEO Boston Online Home Education. “In partnering with Arena, we will make the home- schooling experience alive, successful, academic as well as sociable”.

Covid19 caused borders around the world to close, but at the same time opened them in terms of digital working and digital learning. Thus, the Arena group sees the value in selecting a knowledge base that is international, as our school leavers must be able to communicate, work and study on an international level. BOHE supports Cambridge Assessment. Renowned globally, the Cambridge qualifications are recognised by over 1 400 universities worldwide, including all UK universities, 600 US universities (including Ivy League universities) and other top student destinations including Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands.




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