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boston city campusBoston City Campus is registered and accredited by the Department of Higher Education as private higher education provider.

At Boston City Campus they offer accredited Higher Education qualifications, including their state-of-the-art Postgraduate Diploma in Management, a range of Degrees, and numerous Diplomas and Higher Certificates. They also offer a variety of work-ready Occupational and Short Programmes which meet industry needs and are developed by industry specialists and leading professionals in their fields.

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Boston's Articles:

Smiles, fun, music and laughter have been contagious around campus at Boston Media House in Sandton for the past 4 weeks as 3 rd year Public Relations (PR) students launched their Smiles All Around campus charity campaign.

In these times of unending complexity, unpredictability, and uncertainty, a new breed of leadership is urgently needed. We yearn for leaders who are adaptable, capable of thriving amidst chaos, and who can chart a course through the uncharted waters of our rapidly changing world.

Perhaps you did not get a chance to complete grade 12 or have failed the National Senior Certificate, fortunately there are other ways to earn a nationally recognised qualification and further your education. 

According to Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College, it is becoming increasingly important for students to choose one of the modern courses of study that are relevant to the modern times in which we are living and working.

The paralegal career or any legal career for that matter, comes with a lot of stress, responsibility, patience and unceasing hard work. Here's how you can be confident in your first job as a paralegal.

This has happened to all of us – and still does to some of us in our dreams! You’ve been studying hard for your economics final assessment, but when you walk into your exam, your mind goes blank. As you read the question paper, you notice your sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat. Sound familiar?

"They would say something hateful. 

I was so young, I couldn’t comprehend why they were hurting me for no reason. 

I had so much love to give and they would bat it away. I was drowning in rejection. 

Getting a job could be a process that lasts for either a month or for some, a few years. Many people would say that looking for job is a job all on it's own, hopefully a short term one.

International research shows that the accountancy and finance sector is seen as the third most stable profession, behind health/ pharmaceuticals, and teaching.

The world has made unprecedented advances, we can create vaccines and ‘end’ a pandemic, yet we can’t end gender disparity. In fact, according to the World Economic Forum, full economic parity is 257 years away!

The Boston Group is a pioneer in private higher education specialising in online and distance learning over the past 30 years. The advantages of home-schooling are indisputable, with academic performance at the top of the list.

Studying through a pandemic has been a challenge for students. Some institutions (like Boston!) managed to take their students from classroom to dining room table seamlessly, while others battled to create a virtual classroom. Boston has always relied on technology as an effective learning methodology as technology ensures: academic consistency, quality, delivery and validity of all materials and knowledge transfer.

We have had report after report revealing disheartening information regarding job losses and economic downturns following the pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Over 1.4 million jobs were lost in 2020, and only a fraction of this was expected to be recovered in 2021. Similar events have occurred on a global scale. Is there any good news? Read on and see how you should be pivoting your career, and adjusting expectations with regards to work and studies.

So, we seem to have started off the year a bit ‘late’. With matric results being released in the year following exams, and varsity registrations being delayed, it feels like we are still in the beginning of the year when actually we are approaching the end of the first quarter! What does this mean for businesses? Work place Skills Plans are soon due! :

While many institutions grappled in 2020 with a sudden and dramatic shift to online learning, technology mediated learning is in Boston’s DNA.

The Eduvation Network has partnered with Boston City Campus to give you some much needed good news! It’s a “teacher’s gift” that promises to change your financial future in 2021.

Pretty much everyone who undertakes a journey to university is thinking about the amazing career prospects they will have once they complete their bachelor’s degree.

How do you stay relevant in the workplace during this rapidly transforming time of change?




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